Encouraging Young Children To Practice Good Dental Hygiene

A dedicated dentist with more than a quarter-century of experience, James Frizzell, DDS, has served patients at his private practice in Niagara Falls since 1993. Dr. Frizzell offers diverse services, from preventative and general dentistry for patients of all ages, to restorative and cosmetic procedures. James Frizzell, DDS personally guides his Niagara patients to apply oral health best practices, even assisting parents in ensuring their children enjoy caring for their teeth.

In his blog, Dr. Frizzell recommends a few easy ways to help your children associate dental hygiene with fun, rather than apathy or fear. He encourages the parents of his young patients to select at-home dental tools with the child in mind. Pharmacies and department stores are full of colorful, kid-friendly items such as multi-colored floss, tasty toothpaste flavors, and toothbrushes that feature popular animated characters. Appropriately sized and personalized oral hygiene tools may make children more eager to participate.

Another way to make dental health a bit more engaging is to share personal stories. Most kids enjoy hearing about when their parents were young; telling tales about when you first started brushing your own teeth or sharing your favorite bedtime memory links entertaining associations with oral care. You can also take this time to share positive memories of the dentist to help waylay any fears of appointments.

Finally, Dr. Frizzell suggests making teeth-cleaning time, family time. If you brush and floss your teeth alongside your child, not only can you make sure they’re following the proper procedure and teach by example, you’ll also prove to them that yes, grownups have to brush their teeth, too.


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