First Steps in Addressing Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma pic

Facial Trauma

James Frizzell, DDS, is a respected dentist in the Niagara Falls, Ontario community who guides a practice that provides comprehensive dentistry services. As a dental professional committed to serving his community, Dr. James Frizzell has provided emergency after-hours care to patients with physical traumas from incidents such as fights and hockey stick-related facial injuries.

Among the most complex reconstructive procedures to address is wound repair for the upper, lower, and middle parts of the face, with an initial focus being one of ensuring that airways are intact. The airway comprises of four distinct pathways: the oral, nasal, submental intubation, and tracheostomy. The latter three provide stabilization for the upper and lower jaw, jointly called the maxillary-mandibular unit, that supports proper dentition or arrangement of teeth in the mouth.

With the airway established, the maxillary-mandibular unit are the first reconstructions emphasized, with the positioning between the upper and lower teeth corrected. This allows midface issues to be addressed, such as restoring spatial relationships between the skull base and occlusal structures. The end result of this methodical, ground-up approach is that the various elements that make up facial and maxillary-mandibular functioning can be optimally treated.


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