Fishing Lake Ontario


Lake Ontario pic

Lake Ontario

James Frizzell, DDS, of Niagara Falls, Ontario, owns Frizzell Dental, where he practices as a dentist. In his free time, James Frizzell, DDS, enjoys his Niagara locale by fishing Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario is a vast body of water, making trolling the preferred form of fishing for many sportsmen. Trolling involves setting one or more lines in the water and pulling them with a boat in the hope that they will attract fish. Current New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulations allow for three rods for each angler.

Lake Ontario anglers can expect to encounter Atlantic salmon, Coho, and Chinook salmon, as well as rainbow, brown, and lake trout. These species of fish have preferred temperature zones, making temperature probes useful while fishing. Since Lake Ontario, like other similar bodies of water, thermally stratifies in the summer, it helps to become familiar with the temperatures where each fish species feels most comfortable.

Atlantic salmon, for instance, like temperatures between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, while lake trout prefer to inhabit water that stays between 42 and 52 degrees.


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