Oral Hygiene – Regular Teeth Cleanings


Regular Teeth Cleanings  pic

Regular Teeth Cleanings
Image: colgate.com

A compassionate dentist, James Frizzell, DDS, operates a private oral health practice that delivers effective care in a welcoming atmosphere to patients residing near Niagara Falls, Ontario. Since securing his DDS from the University of Toronto, Dr. James Frizzell has been supporting Niagara Falls area patients by providing general dentistry services, including teeth cleanings.

To maintain optimal oral health, people should see a dentist on a regular basis. What “regular” means depends on the personal needs of the patient in question. Most people see their oral health provider roughly twice a year, while others in high risk groups such as diabetics and pregnant women may need to see their dentist several times a year to maintain the integrity of their oral health.

During a regular check up, dental hygienists typically perform a thorough cleaning. Such cleanings prove necessary even for people who brush and floss daily, in that at-home dental hygiene activities frequently cannot completely address tartar buildup over time.

In-office cleanings rely on specialized tools to carefully remove tartar deposits and leave the teeth and gums looking and feeling their best. In addition, during the checkup the dentist will look for cavities or other issues with the teeth as well as serious problems the patient may not be aware of, including gum disease and oral cancer.


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