Easterseals’ Employment Readiness and Placement Programs

Easterseals pic

Image: Easterseals.com

Niagara Falls, Ontario-based dentist Dr. James Frizzell holds a DDS from the University of Toronto, where he studied chemistry and dentistry. Today, James Frizzell, DDS, operates a private practice in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Alongside his work with patients, he enjoys supporting charities including the Easterseals organization.

Easterseals supports children and adults who live with disabilities. It helps 1.4 million people access the care they need to live well and be successful.

Easterseals offers a variety of training services to help people with disabilities find meaningful employment. People with disabilities experience twice the unemployment rate that their peers without disabilities do. In an attempt to bridge this employment gap, Easterseals helps 70,000 people with disabilities prepare for the workforce each year.

Students who live with disabilities may participate in School-to-Work Transition Services, which helps graduating students transition into a career. This program prepares students for workplace expectations, helps them explore possible career choices, and often helps secure a first job.


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