Michael Jordan Memorabilia Sell for Serious Money at Auction


Michael Jordan  pic

Michael Jordan
Image: biography.com

James Frizzell, DDS, is a Niagara Falls, Ontario-based dentist who offers a comfortable environment and provides general, cosmetic, and restorative care. Also a fan of hockey and other sports, Dr. James Frizzell, DDS, enjoys collecting sports memorabilia in his free time.

Although sports card sales have slumped in recent year, one-of-a-kind memorabilia have held their value well. In 2014, the “flu game” shoes that Michael Jordan wore during his memorable Game 5 performance in the 1997 NBA Finals were auctioned for $104,765. During that game, Jordan was seriously under the weather, yet he somehow put together a 38-point effort against the Utah Jazz before collapsing of exhaustion. One of his greatest displays of athleticism, it led the Bulls to yet another championship ring.

At that time, Jordan would wear a different pair of shoes each game. The shoes were given to the Jazz’s ball boy, partly in thanks for his procuring Jordan’s favorite pregame meal of graham crackers and applesauce.

In November 2015, this record auction price was demolished when the jersey Jordan wore at his final regular-season game with the Bulls sold for $173,240. Played in front of the Chicago home fans, the 1998 game featured a superlative 44-point effort and capped a fifth MVP season in Jordan’s career.

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