The City of Niagara Falls, Ontario

Dr. James Frizzell effectively supervises his dental clinic in the Canadian city of Niagara Falls. The city remains situated in the province of Ontario on the Niagara River. Abutting the U.S., Canada’s Niagara Falls shares an international border with the city of Niagara Falls in state of New York. Collectively, the sister cities contain the Niagara River’s historic waterfalls, but the more spectacular vista point of the two waterfalls lies on the Canadian side of the river.

Originally settled by the Iroquois, the area in Canada now known as Niagara Falls received its first visitors, French priest Louis Hennepin and other Europeans, in the 17th century. Incorporated as the town of Clifton in 1856, the Canadian city of Niagara Falls acquired its present name in 1881. It subsequently received formal incorporation as a city in 1904.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, remains a popular tourist destination. Additionally, it retains a residential population of more than 83,000 people. Though the city’s economy principally sustains itself through tourism-related activities, the waterfalls’ capacity as an ongoing source of hydroelectric power helps to attract a variety of industrial sectors to the picturesque region.

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